Ride Route

    This is the general ride route, with the end game for day one being our camp out in Thomas Raddlle Pro Park, in Port Joli Harbour;  Day Two Oak Island, Chester.
The roads very in condition, speed limits, medium and Nova Scotia weather can be unpredictable. So use caution, watch the road signs for sharp turns and animals crossings, ride with your head, find a pace comfortable for you and stick there its not a race.


Also, the links will tell you where we start, Camp and Finish the Run. However if you would rather the 101 some of the way or skip the La Have ferry ride thats your choice. We tried hard to keep the ride as costal as we could, with out going off road. We do have a couple stops picked out during the run for lunch or gas. Weather you stop than or before or after is also up to you.

Sign in for the Campout starts at 9:00am
In Wilmot at the Wilmot Center  Parking lot http://goo.gl/maps/VpRRG
Leaving at 10:00am we will exit the Valley via the 201, a quick stop at Lequille Country Store
 Make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, maybe give away some prizes.
Ride the Evangeline Trial  all they way down to Yarmouth with a Gas stop/ Wilsons Gas and  Lunch http://chezjean.com   in Clare/Church Point.
Be aware of how much you gas tank holds, there are lots stations along the way, but some can be far from one another.
We will have a quick re group in Eel Brook http://goo.gl/maps/kLcs6
Make sure we lost nobody. A chance to grab anything you might want or need. Last NSLC before the Pro Park is in Lockerport ;)

Then head to Thomas H. Raddall Provincial Park, Port Joli. Party, Have fun, Raffle some prizes, rip around on bikes, cold drinks and a warm fire.
The is 3km of Gravle road to get into the campsite.

If you need to stop along the way, do so safely, do not feel rushed to keep up, enjoy the ride. We are all going the same place, have fun, be safe.

Sunday we are moving along the south shore to Oak island. We are going to be taking the # 3 / #103  along the coast to La Have, have a bite to eat and  take the cable ferry across to Indian Path. The Ferry is $5.50, you do not have to take the ferry,  feel free to ride around Bridgewater to Lunenburg. We are going to wrap the ride up at Oak Island and head back into the Valley via #12.
Chester Basin is a central area to part ways, some the of the group will head back over to the valley while some will be heading back to the metro area.

There are lots of neet island, inlets, water way, and beaches along this route, its an adventure and you will make it what its all about.
 This Link >>>>> http://goo.gl/maps/bAfIz     
Shows the ride route, place by place, run spots, gas stations and localized info with links.

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