August 16 Pre Run Party at Rose Cycles and 17th Registration Day


 There will be a pre Run party at Rose Cycles Shop In Wilmot 
          Open to anyone taking part in the run or those the like to see us off to sea. Lots of space for camping at the shop property, might help those from out of town save some km for Saturday.  

Registraion wraps up between 9:00am-9:45am  Wilmot  Center mall 
 14373 Hwy #1 Wilmot, NS, B0P 1W0

We Leave for the Eastern Shore at 10am Sharp, the rest of the trip is tentative.
 Leaving at 10 should give us lots of time to get to the camp spot before its night. 
You can use the maps to see where we are headed, and deiced how you best like to get there. 
There are some pre chosen spot to stop on the along the way, 
Once in Belliveaus Cove at Chez Jean Dairy Twirl, there is a gas station near by, grab a little to eat and check out how everyones bike is doing. 
Once just outside Yarmouth, Eel Brooke,  Make sure we did not loose anyone along the way. 
Than its a burn over to Port Joli for the Camp out, 
You can stop for gas or grab supplies you need along the way. The  store/nslc is about 15min drive from the Camp spot, which includes a gravel ride out or back in. 

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