Riding Nova Scotia's Rural Roads

like you didn't know already.....

So, you all most likely well know Nova Scotia had a very snowy winter and it took a hard toll on our roads, both hwy and rural routes. Just as likely, you all have that crazy story about the horrible driver that you have to share the roads with, or that racoon you ran over or deer you dogged. 

All of the Above are a given to riding in Nova Scotia, of course while on the run all these factors still exist. Though ridding along with others does make you more visible and better wards off animals. It is not like a magic cloak of safety that removes all motorcycle danger. 

SO PLAY SAFE :  Wear Your Gear, Make sure your Bike is in Safe working order, Ride to come 
                                   home alive. 

With all of the above said its your bike & your life;
The ride route like last year covers both hwy, rural roads, goes through the valley, over mountains and along the coast. The twist, turns, hills, and drops offer both a fun, but at times challenging ride. USE the Signage; Signs are your friends, if it says the turn in 90 degrees and switching back,,, It for Fuck is  gonna,,,, Like You well Know Stay Sharp and keep Eye Open. 

Other Shit about the Run 

This run is for adults only,, which mean you need to be 18+ to take part. 
There will be no hand holding 

We are lucky to have the Recovery VAN along with us again this year, a number to ring it if in need will be give out the morning we leave.  The van will only hold so much, so do your best to ride a bike that wont break down, carry tools with you if you know it might have hiccups, and your gear needs to fit with you on your bike..... No rider will be left behind, the van does take a bit different route than the bikes, so if you break down you might have to wait awhile to get picked up, but it will happen. 

If you like to camp out with us on the run or want a chance to win a raffle prize you will need to pay the $15 and register. The fees cover the cost of the camping sight & fire wood. 
you can register online (see post below)  or  the day of the run 

We do start the run 10am at the Wilmot Shopping centre paking lot Hwy #1 Wilmot across from Frenchys,  Than stop in Port Joli to camp. 

If you like or if its better for you to join up along the way thats cool, if you like to take a different road along the way, go for it, if there is a place you want to stop or you need to stop make it happen. 
The mapped route and marked places on it are just a reference, for you to use. So you know where we are going and will end up. 
There are a couple of group pit stops marked, for gas grabbing, and making sure everyone is still in good working order. 

If this will be your first time camping via moto bike, there are some great references on how to pack or what to pack online, leave a comment if you need a link to those. 

Last Stop Before Camp

There is one last stop before the camp sight, there you can grab foods, drinks, and fireworks. 
    Please buy Cans or plastic bottle, glass is a pain in the ass 
   If it will fit, this stuff can be put into the van until we reach camp. 
This Is The Last Stop Before Camp, the road into camp sucks balls and you most likely will not want to have to leave to get stuff and come back. 

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