Any Port Run Ride Route & Layout

Any Port In a Storm Run Leaves Wilmot NS
  Saturday Aug 16th, by 10:00am From Wilmot Strip Mall  #142373 Hwy # 1

  Registraion is required as there are limited spot on the run !   Cost is $15.00 for camping & raffle ticket. If you have already paypaled your registration please still find Zak or Julia Rose for your raffle ticket.       

The google maps below give you an idea of the general ride route. There are marked gas stations and junk for referance. 

Any Port In A Storm Ride Route 2014

So basicly we are going to travle over the south moutian to New Germany, have a stop, gas up.  Than   travle through Cornwall to the south shore, take a stop for gas. In Blockhouse. 
Than travle along the south shore, across LaHave river (ferry optional) 
continue along the coast  to Port Joli, where we camp over night.

Last Stop before camp, where you can pick up you food & drink for the evening  

Day two we travel along the south west on Nova Scotia through Yarmouth, than back up the bay towards the valley. For those of you from last year, its the same route as we took going out year one. The way back lacks Gas stations on the Map, as there are more than enough to keep even small tanks gassed up on the way back. 


If you are along the run route and would like to take part, but would rather meet up with along the way, please let us know so that you can be included as a camper and you can get a raffle ticket. 

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